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aspect of 9 35am origonal negative

aspect of 9 35am origonal negative

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'Aspects of 9.35am' was exposed in the Camera Obscura from 50 sheets of photographic paper (61.0cm x 50.8cm) measuring in total 6.2mt x 2.55mt. The Soft focus and irridecent glow to the image produced ( 'Aspect of 9.35am' ) is in the realm of a dream scape, you see people walking upside down past Flinders Street Station. They are there but here as well; real, yet unreal at the same. The rush hour is over! People are sitting perhaps contemplating the day or trying to remember what last nights dream was all about. I was much part of the rush hour of that day, working meticulously to put up the 50 sheets of paper. The concept of orientation and obsevation is forsebly put into place by the image produced by the Camera Obscura ('Aspects of 9.35am'). Firstly by changing the familiar that is seen in 3dimentional vision to the vaguely familiar but different in the 2dimentional representation,in turn creating an alternate level of perception for the viewer. The Obscura is reminicent to the human eye that sees upside down and it is our brain to invert the image to our normal vision. The major difference the eye and the Obscura ( appart from seeing the image up side down ) is that the eye has a fixed focal length that is constantly changing and determined by what it has before it. The Obscura has a fixed focal length to the projection wall. The Obscura's magical effect is amplified by the fact the the viewer becomes part of the image, combined with the sensation of standing inside a very large camera.


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